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Atlassian Cloud Enterprise

At this year's Summit, Atlassian announced its latest cloud product - Atlassian Cloud Enterprise. Enterprise-level customers can use the Atlassian Cloud in almost the same way as a self-hosted solution.

The Cloud Enterprise plan, which includes Jira Software, Jira Service Desk and Confluence Cloud, is specifically designed to meet the needs of global enterprises. It enables teams to securely extend Atlassian in the cloud, with enhanced admin features, improved security and governance, and top-level problem resolution from our dedicated, high-level support team.

The following features will be included for Atlassian Cloud Enterprise:

  • Centralised user billing
  • Unlimited users
  • Enterprise Sandbox
  • Share tracking
  • Data protection
  • 99.95% financially backed SLA
  • Highest level of support
  • Atlassian Access

Many organisations complain about having multiple instances for their billing cycles. Centralised user billing simplifies such business processes by consolidating them and providing a unified structure for billing. Atlassian Access enables seamless integration with existing security tools and processes such as two-step verification, enforced password policies, SSO, audit logs, API token controls and more.

For many organisations, data retention is a matter of regulatory compliance, so Atlassian Cloud Enterprise takes it to a whole new level by giving businesses the choice of where their data is hosted.

With the Enterprise Sandbox, organisations can first try out configuration changes, applications, etc. before actually pushing them out to your users.

Release tracks give businesses more control over when their cloud products are updated, so they always have the latest features, but can also ensure that the timing of an update doesn't affect their work.

Register for the Early Access Programme to discover Atlassian Cloud Enterprise.