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Asset Management in JSM made easy with Shoppies "My Assets"

As the quantity of assets in a company grows, it can become difficult to manage and track them effectively while maintaining a high service level. Shoppie delivers an easy solution for this with an appealing shop-like interface for your JSM portal. With its newest feature "My Assets" handling your assets becomes even more efficient. 


What is Shoppie?

Shoppie is an Atlassian marketplace app that allows you to enhance your Jira Service Management portal with a shop-like interface. It integrates seamlessly with Jira Assets and makes JSM more user-friendly. Find out more about the app in this blog post.



Easier Asset Management with My Assets

Shoppies newest feature provides a user-centric way to view and manage your assets. These functions are here to make your work easier and more efficient:

The Personalized Asset View gives users access to a clear, user-friendly interface that showcases their assigned assets—from laptops and phones to software licenses and beyond.

The Integration with Jira Assets creates a streamlined user journey within the JSM portal, the functionality effortlessly blends with Jira Assets.

Direct Issue Reporting: Within the "My Assets" section, users can report concerns regarding any asset. This streamlines the management and maintenance of assets.

Shoppie My Assets


By visiting their profile within the JSM portal, users can access the "My Assets" feature. The interface is designed with intuitiveness and user-friendliness in mind.

Administrator Customization Options: Administrators can fine-tune the feature by selecting specific object schemas and object types. By adopting attributes such as attribute = currentUser(), they can ensure users only see assets assigned to their profiles.


As companies continue to grow, Asset Management can become a complex task, demanding both efficiency and high-level service. Shoppie offers a solution to simplify this process, with an intuitive, shopping interface for your JSM portal. The recently added "My Assets" feature further enhances this by providing a personalized view and management of assets, combined with direct issue reporting for users, and customization options for administrators.