Anna Paul

Confluence as collaboration platform

The ideal collaboration platform: Confluence drives your team towards success

Imagine your team is working on an important project, but the relevant documents are scattered across various platforms. Communication is...

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Agile gone wild – How to conquer the agile chaos with Atlassian

Despite intense efforts, many companies, especially large organizations, fail in their agile transformation. Why is that? The reasons vary: lack of...

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Lean Portfolio Management – real trend or just hype?

Efficiency and Cost Savings – that's what Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) promises. But many cutting-edge concepts promise the same – and in terms of...

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Mastering Large Projects with Atlassian Tools: Best Practices

What do Audi, UNICEF, Capgemini, and veniture have in Common? You might have guessed it already – we are all masters of Atlassian tools. In this blog...

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project management

Digital Project Management: Buzzword or Real Help?

Digital task management promises to simplify everything, but does it truly deliver on this promise? Unlike the disarray of paperwork cluttering your...

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