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Our first Atlassian Community Event in Frankfurt - The possibilities of Atlassian AI

The Atlassian Community Event took place in Frankfurt am Main for the first time and we had the pleasure of hosting it! This time it was all about Atlassian Intelligence and the possibilities that AI already offers (and where the journey is going). We definitely don't want to withhold our insights on the event from you, so read for yourself: 


The two Atlassian Community Leaders, Imge from Caelor & Moritz, IT Consultant at veniture, kicked things off. After a warm welcome and a brief introduction of what was on the evenings agenda, we got started with two exciting presentations on Atlassian Intelligence.


Revolutionizing workflows

Our first speaker was Alexander Post (veniture). His presentation "Revolutionizing workflows: The AI-enhanced Experience of Atlassian," delved into the utilization of Atlassian Intelligence.

Alexander showed us how the innovative Atlassian tools in combination with Artificial Intelligence (AI) can sustainably optimize processes, increase team productivity and significantly improve collaboration. His enthusiasm for these powerful technologies was infectious.


Will AI take our jobs?

Lisa Grau, from Atlassian, took up a common concern in her presentation: "What if everyone realizes that it wasn't me?". She discussed and debunked the fear of AI replacing jobs, demonstrating instead how AI can add significant value.

She explained how Atlassian Intelligence in the Atlassian Cloud enriches our day-to-day work by taking over routine tasks, giving us more room for creative and strategic thinking. It was a great insight into the possibilities that AI offers.


Time for a snack🍕

After absorbing the wealth of information from the talks, it was time for a break, networking, and of course, pizza! Attendees had the chance to mingle, share experiences, and enjoy pizza and drinks sponsored by Caelor.


We thank everyone who attended and took part in the discussions. We're looking forward to hosting our next event and welcoming even more new faces to our growing community!