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End of Year Conference 2023 in Athens - Truly Memorable!

This year, our journey led us to the beautiful city of Athens for the 2023 Adaptavist Closing Conference. Each year sees a different venue, and this year Greece was the chosen one. The best part about this selection? Pleasant temperatures up to 18 degrees - undoubtedly, the perfect weather conditions.

EOYC Akropolis

But what are we doing at this conference?

The End of Year Conference took place for the first time last year. The various business regions within The Adaptavist Group, EMEA, Asia-Pacific, and North America, come together at three different locations, so colleagues from Iceland or South Africa were also present with us in Athens. It was impressive to see that we are more than 600 people in the EMEA region.

The goal is to acknowledge and celebrate everything that has been achieved during the year, and to prepare together for the new year. Shared successes and challenges, as well as new directions and strategies, are discussed. There were many exciting presentations (e.g., on Artificial Intelligence) that gave us new and interesting insights. In addition, there were welcome speeches, Q&A sessions, various talks on individual Atlassian products, and a glimpse into the next year 2024.

It was wonderful to have conversations with our international team members and colleagues, who we usually only know from video calls. What makes such events particularly valuable is precisely this - the opportunity to network, exchange ideas, and learn from each other. Such events not only strengthen teamwork across country borders but also foster the team unity.

The program was rounded off by individual workshops. As part of a AdaptaKind initiative - a charity and social responsibility platform created by Adaptavist - for example, toy cars were assembled and painted before being donated to children in need.

More insights can be found in our recap video:

The opportunity to be part of this global event was exciting and the perfect highlight to end the year on! We are already looking forward to everything that is yet to come and are eager to see what 2024 has in store for us.