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Price update for Data Center and Server, as well as End of Sale for New Server Apps

To further accelerate the journey to cloud, Atlassian has announced a price increase for Jira Software and Confluence Data Center and Server products, effective February 15, 2023. Data Center will get a price increase for the advantaged plan only, whereas Server products are affected in list price and advantaged plan. In this post, you'll learn what changes to expect and how to respond to them.


What’s changing?


Data Center will be getting an advantage price increase and server will be getting both an advantage and list price increase. The price increase affects only Jira and Confluence products.

  1. Data Center advantaged price plans will increase by 15%
  2. Server advantaged price plans will increase 15 - 25% 
    • 15% increase for User tiers < 500 User
    • 25% increase for User tiers > 500 User
  3. Server list price plans will increase 0.5 - 15% 
  4. End of Sale for New Server Apps. More details: Journey To Cloud.


What does "Advantaged pricing" mean?

Advantage price plans are special pricing options, which are below list price and were only available for existing customers. Atlassian created these plans to help ease the transition to full price so that customers don't have to absorb the full cost all at once. Customers who took advantage of these plans received full access to all of features, but at a lower price than the already competitive list pricing. Atlassian will be gradually bringing these advantage prices closer to full price over the next few years.


Why it is a smart time to move to Cloud now!

If you haven't made the switch to Cloud yet, now could be the perfect time to think about migrating. Upgrade to Cloud and unlock a host of features not available on Server or Data Center. As an existing customer, you're eligible for a whopping 20 % discount* on purchases of 1001+ users. And that's not all - we'll help you streamline your Atlassian tools for maximum productivity, collaboration, and cost savings. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your company to the next level.

Want to learn more about Cloud migration? Check out our page for a comparison between self-managed and Atlassian-hosted options. Our team has helped numerous customers successfully migrate to Cloud, and we're here to help you too. Don't hesitate to reach out and tap into our expertise.


What if I want to keep using Server or Data Center?

Don't miss out on the current prices! The following options are available to you until the deadline of 15.02.2023:

  • Lock in current pricing

  • Take advantage of discounts when migrating to Data Center*

For Server customers:

The last step of the journey will be reached on February 15th, 2024 when the Atlassian support for Server products ends. Server customers with 1001+ user have the option to upgrade to Data Center with a 15% discount.*

For Data Center customers:

Data Center support will be continued. However, advantaged pricing will gradually get closer to list price.


We understand that a price increase may raise concerns and questions. To assist you in the decision-making process, we offer a free consultation with our experts. Please schedule an appointment to determine the best course of action for your needs.

*Discounts are available until June 30, 2023.



Schedule a free consultation

Or contact us directly at sales@veniture.net



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