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Top 5 Benefits of a  Workation


Coffee, meetings, planning, implementation, lunch, brainstorming, home.

This is what a typical work-day can look like for many people. We typically have the same route to work, arrive to the same office, in the same city - day in and day out. 

Have you thus ever asked yourself "How can we increase employee satisfaction? What company benefits can we offer to combat this daily routine? What can my company offer to spice up our working culture? What if I could work from a different city or state?"

Have you ever heard the term Workation and asked yourself what that is? This modern-day term is defined as: a work and travel trend that combine working and taking a vacation.

Today, we will explain the top 5 benefits of taking a team Workation. Keep reading to learn more!


1. Get to know each other

We spend the majority of our time with our co-workers, so building a solid relationship with each other is crucial. But fret not, team Workations can help do just that! Our Marketing and Consulting teams each spent 7 days and 6 nights on their perspective Workations. This helped them get to know each other on a deeper level while simultaneously building fundamental relationships.  


2. Teambuilding

We've all heard of team-building events at work - some are a hit, some are a miss. But at the end of the day, one of the goals of team-building events is to build harmony within our teams, just like one of the goals behind a Workation. The difference is how attractive going on a team trip to experience this team-building can be. Our Marketing team spent their Workation in a cozy vacation home located right here in Germany. It was fully equipped with a fire place and even a bonfire area in the front yard. Grilling by the bonfire and warming up by the fireplace are just a few teambuilding activities that our Marketing team did to experience a relaxed, special, and effective Workation. 




3. Build a stronger team

Depending on how long a certain team has been together can determine the relationships this team has with one another. With that being said, our Consulting team has had some new additions in the last couple of months and thus have not had the opportunity to spend a relatively large amount of time with each other - their Workation changed that! One of our consultants mentioned that they got to know each other better than ever, that it was a great experience and that they had a lot of fun. Exactly what we want to hear after a Workation, right? Through various activities like an Escape room or going out for drinks together, the Consultants were able to deepen their bond with one another. 


4. Motivate your team

Motivation can go a long way, and what is more motivating than a vacation home with a beautiful view or going to a new city 50 kilometers away from Amsterdam? This motivation enabled our teams to enjoy working and spending time with each other that much more. It helped our Marketing team combine a vacation with the opportunity to establish new goals, strategies, and focus together as a team. We all have some sort of driving force within us; family, friends, or perhaps a certain goal. Now imagine if your work place gave you the chance to increase that driving force with a Workation. Sounds wonderful if you ask us! 


5. Unique way to have fun!

Last but not least, we want to highlight the most advantageous aspect of a Workation, having fun! It doesn't get much better than having the opportunity to travel with your team, experience a new location, and bond through exciting activities. Our Marketing and Consulting teams created memories on their Workations that will last a lifetime. This time together is not only beneficial for team harmony, but it simply allows teams to also just have fun. A little extra fun in our lives couldn't hurt. 😉



So folks, that just about wraps it up! We want to leave you with this tidbit of information, Workations can do wonders for teams, companies, and individual employees. Our experience with Workations yielded extremely positive results and gave us the opportunity to connect as more than just co-workers. We are motivated, happy, and already looking forward to our next Workation!