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venITure is officially Atlassian Cloud Specialized!


We have some exciting news to share!

Over the last few months, we have diligently worked towards Atlassian's official Cloud Specialization. Our achievement of several technical and sales accreditations, our unique offering of Atlassian services, and the successful completion of projects from well-known customers have helped us achieve this award.

We are proud to announce that we have now received the distinction of the official Atlassian Cloud Specialization Partner and fulfilled all requirements within this specialization. We are the first official Cloud Specialized Partner in Germany, Croatia, Turkey, UAE and BiH at the same time.

With this specialization, we have reached a major milestone and are pleased that our high quality services are recognized by Atlassian through our extensive know-how.

With our qualified staff in the areas of Sales, Technical Sales and Technical Delivery, we are able to implement cloud solution migrations at the highest level.


Requirements to become cloud specialized

Cloud Specialization Partners have particular success migrating instances and supporting enterprise-level use cases through the Atlassian Cloud Platform.


What does it mean to be Cloud certified?

As a specialized Atlassian Cloud Partner, we can seamlessly implement the following services:

  • Manage migration projects, including readiness and implementation, from active monitoring through execution
  • Offer customized services for training of internal teams
  • Integrate products for a well-rounded user experience
  • Adapting workflows and processes to the way your organization works
  • Facilitate daily work through automation
  • Connect user management and set up security policies


Even in the case of unexpected and complex requirements, a cloud-specialized Atlassian partner can react quickly and provide case-specific solutions.

We are particularly pleased to have exceeded some of the requirements, such as the number of people trained, which must be achieved for this certification.

We would like to thank our customers as well as Atlassian for their trust and are now ready to work on further projects and goals and to successfully grow together.

Learn more about migrating to the Atlassian Cloud and its benefits on our website or contact us to get detailed information from our qualified consultants.


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We look forward to helping you with your cloud transformation, improving customer satisfaction and optimizing your results.