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veniture is now TISAX certified!

As a committed player in IT, we've always prioritised securing our customers' data. And now, there's great news to share – we have achieved a Level 2 TISAX certification this month, audited by Ernst & Young! Recognised as a golden standard for information security and compliance by the automotive industry, this certification attests to our commitment to the highest levels of information security and data protection.


What is TISAX?

tisaxlogoIt stands for Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange and holds substantial importance, particularly within the automotive industry. It comes into play when data exchange is not securely carried out, data lands in the wrong hands, or there's a looming risk of cyber-attacks. This is why TISAX, created by the VDA, was established as a mutual, recognised procedure vouching for an organisation's information security assessment within the automotive industry.

In the automotive industry, in particular, the damage to intellectual property is significant when data falls into the wrong hands, data exchange is not securely handled, or when partners are not equipped against cyber-attacks. TISAX not only focuses on the secure establishment of IT infrastructure but also emphasizes the mindful handling of sensitive information.


What does our TISAX certification mean for you?

Trust is one of our core values at veniture and Adaptavist (which just got its TISAX certification as well). The TISAX certification is the result of our relentless efforts for data protection and information security. This certification serves as evidence of our proven procedures and secure processes in handling sensitive information and guarantees that we meet the high standards of the automotive industry. It also implies that we can extend our service offerings to clients who need this certification due to their business requirements.

The advantages at a glance:
  • Assured data security: TISAX certifies that we adhere to strict security measures to protect your data from unauthorized access, loss, and misuse.
  • Compliance with industry standards: TISAX is recognized by the automotive industry and many other sectors. We meet the high requirements of these industries.
  • Secure data trading: The certification ensures that the exchange of sensitive information between us and our customers takes place in a secured environment.
  • Transparency: TISAX certifies that we have clear and transparent processes for information security. 

Atlassian already achieved certification last year. Read more here.

You can find more information about our certification and verify our certification in the ENX Portal, Scope-ID S4TC1Z.


Securing the TISAX certification is a significant leap in our ongoing mission to offer our customers the safest and most trustworthy services around Atlassian products. It ensures that we meet the requirements of our automotive industry customers and adhere to proper procedures to secure sensitive information.


Did you know? We are also ISO-certified.