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The Future of ITSM with Atlassian


Atlassian has recently announced a number of updates to its ITSM platforms, including several new features for Jira Service Management. These updates are designed to help organizations improve their workflows, enhance collaboration, and streamline their customer support processes.

In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at four of the most exciting updates to Jira Service Management:

  1. Atlassian Intelligence
  2. Portal Customization
  3. Domain Customization
  4. Taking External Service to Next Level


Atlassian Intelligence

Atlassian Intelligence is a new feature that is designed to help teams better understand the data that they are working with. This feature provides valuable insights and recommendations based on machine learning algorithms that analyze historical data. With Atlassian Intelligence, teams can identify trends, make data-driven decisions, and optimize their workflows.


One of the key benefits of Atlassian Intelligence is that it can help teams identify potential issues before they become major problems. For example, the platform can analyze ticket volumes and identify when there is a sudden spike in requests, which could indicate an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. By identifying these issues early, teams can take proactive steps to prevent them from becoming bigger problems down the road.

With this powerful new AI tool, you can design intent-based support routes for customer queries to answer your customer's requests. You resolve these requests or jumpstart your support by assigning it to the right team directly from the start!

By letting AI rewrite your support teams sentences, you can turn a basic sentence from your technical support team like "I have ordered your laptop" into long, human-touched sentences as well.

Wait, this is not all! Check out this post from Atlassian to learn more!

Portal Customization

Atlassian has also introduced a new feature that allows teams to customize their service portals. With Portal Customization, teams can create a more personalized experience for their users, which can help improve customer satisfaction and streamline workflows.

Teams can customize their portals in a number of ways, including changing the colours and logos, adding custom fields, and creating custom layouts. This means that teams can tailor their portals to meet the unique needs of their users, which can help improve the overall user experience.


Domain Customization

Finally, Atlassian has added a new feature that allows teams to customize their domain names. With Domain Customization, teams can create a custom URL that reflects their brand and makes it easier for users to find their service portal.

This feature is particularly useful for teams that have multiple service portals or that operate in multiple regions. By creating a custom URL, teams can create a more seamless experience for their users, which can help improve overall satisfaction and reduce confusion.



Taking External Service To The Next Level

Atlassian has announced its new vision for managing organizations using Jira Service Management for external customer services. This approach focuses on individualizing customer service by providing organization-specific details such as Address, Contacts, Region, Time Zone, Language, Account Manager, and customer status for Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

This new approach is part of Atlassian's mission to empower companies and organizations to offer better service to their customers. By providing more personalized service, businesses can build stronger relationships with their customers, which can lead to increased customer loyalty and satisfaction.

One of the key features of this approach is the ability to manage customer status for SLAs. This means that businesses can set different service level expectations for different customers based on their status. For example, a high-value customer might receive a higher level of service than a low-value customer.

Another benefit of this approach is the ability to manage different languages and time zones. This is particularly important for businesses that operate globally and have customers in different parts of the world. By being able to assign the correct business calendar and service team based on the customer's language and time zone, businesses can ensure that their customers receive the best possible service at all times.


Overall, these updates to Atlassian Tools are designed to help teams work more efficiently and effectively, and to provide a better experience for their users. Whether you are a Jira Service Management user or a member of a different Atlassian team, these updates are definitely worth exploring.


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