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Atlassian welcomes AirTrack and unveils Innovations for Jira Service Management

Big news announcement at the High Velocity event in Melbourne! Atlassian's acquisition of AirTrack is turning heads, promising to revamp their asset management offering, particularly enhancing Jira Service Management. This integration strives to deliver comprehensive, high-speed service management solutions that cater to teams across various business domains.

AirTrack - IT Data Quality Management

With 30+ ready-to-go data connectors AirTrack can boost Atlassian data integration and Asset capabilities, IT teams can now seamlessly aggregate and cleanse data from multiple sources with logical and AI-powered analysis. The goal here is simple: improved data coverage and quality. Bye-bye, dependency on multiple discovery and reporting tools! The benefits don't stop there. AirTrack, when combined with Jira Service Management and Compass, quickens error and data inconsistency detection in your systems. It further enhances the visibility of service dependencies, enabling safer changes and faster incident responses. One standout feature is the ability to manage all essential assets, extending far beyond just IT. Atlassian, with the new AirTrack acquisition, aims to help enterprises manage varied resources and overcome challenges related to security, compliance, inventory, billing, and forecasting with greater ease. Time to celebrate a new era of comprehensive asset management!


Stepping into the Future

The acqusition of Airtrack in combination with the unveiling of the new virtual agent, the AI-powered ITSM, Atlassian paves the way for even more intelligent and intuitive user experiences.This strategic move enables Atlassian to build on its reputation as a leading provider of collaborative development tools while expanding into the realm of AI. The Atlassian family is determined to empower teams worldwide to work smarter, innovate faster, and deliver exceptional software products.This is a significant milestone toward revolutionizing the software development landscape!

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