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Discover the power of Customer Notification Logs in JSM

Are you a project admin and have the problem, that your customers sometimes miss invitations to projects or important updates on their requests? Then the customer notification log in your Jira Service Management project would be the best solution for you, your team and your customers.

What are customer notifications and customer notification logs?

Customer notifications are emails which keep our customers informed about their invitations to participate in a project or status changes regarding their requests. Occasionally, due to different reasons, these emails may not make their way into the customer's email inbox.

Through customer notification logs, project admins have a clear view of which email notifications failed and the reasons behind it. By seeing all failed notifications in one spot, administrators can proactively intervene to ensure future notifications are received by customers as expected.


5 benefits of using customer notification logs in your Jira Service Management project

1. Improved Traceability

Customer notification logs provide a clear and comprehensive record of all customer-related communication, enabling project administrators to better understand past interactions and the information shared.

2. Enhanced Troubleshooting

If a customer does not receive an important email notification, administrators can easily diagnose the issue by referencing the logs to find out what went wrong, when, and why.

3. Increasing Efficiency

By concentrating all failed notifications in one location, administrators can swiftly address these issues and take action to ensure that customers receive future notifications on time, enhancing the overall project efficiency and communication with the customer.

4. Greater Accountability

Logs provide essential data about who was notified, when, and about what. This can be crucial for accountability, tracking project progress, and managing team responsibilities.

5. Streamlined communication:

By being aware of who received what information and when, you can cut down on duplicate communications and ensure people are getting the right messages at the right time.


Where can you find the customer notification logs?

   Please be aware that currently only the failed customer notifications are reflected.


Go to your service project, and choose Customer notification logs. Depending on which notification type you want to check (customer invitations or request notifications), you have to select the respective tab.

customer notification logs in jira

Then you will be able to see some of the following information of each notification:

  • Date and time

  • Notification name

  • Recipient

  • Issue key

  • Details

The details will show you a possible reason for the non-delivery of the invitation or notification. In most cases, this category will provide you an answer to your question why the email was not sent to the customer.

These are the most well-known reasons for failures:

Internal error

Try to resend the notification later again, because usually an internal error is not permanent.

Email validation error

This means that the email contains formatting errors, such as a missing character.

Notification template too large

Reduce the size of your notification template (max. 6 MB) and resend the email.

Email notifications limit reached

This can happen if you have a fixed limit of sending email notifications.

Email address added to suppression list or Errors from service providers

The customer’s email address is rejected or the customer’s mailbox blocks emails from Atlassian. Take appropriate action and reach out to the customer if necessary.

Private email address

This occurs when you try to invite a customer with an email address from a private network.

Unknown error

This includes any other errors. In that case, try to resend the invitation again.


To fix the various errors, you can either resend the email, fix the error if it occurs on our end or contact the customer if they need to do something.


Customer Notification Logs in Jira Service Management provide transparency and traceability in terms of client communication. They allow you to monitor sent notifications, identify potential delivery issues, and understand the communication history with each customer. Ultimately, these logs are instrumental in enhancing your customer service quality and in ensuring effective and consistent communication.