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Atlassian Presents High Velocity ITSM in London: All you need to know


The new event series "Atlassian Presents" went into the second round with the topic High Velocity ITSM and invited partners as well as you customers and interested people to come to London to learn more about ITSM!

Of course we were there this time as well and in this blogpost we will tell you everything you need to know about new features, great offers and the event itself!

Let's start by talking about ITSM, or in long IT Service Management. ITSM is how IT teams manage the end-to-end delivery of IT services to customers. This includes all the processes and activities involved in developing, creating, delivering and supporting IT services. 

So, let's take a look at what's new now! 

Here's where you can brush up on your knowledge of what was announced at the last Atlassian Presents: Work Life!

What to expect in this blogpost:

  1. New features for Jira Service Management
  2. Save now: New offers around Jira Service Management
  3. The event itself: Our impressions


New features for Jira Service Management

At the event, a variety of newly planned functionalities for Jira Service Management were presented by Atlassian. Here is a summary of the most important ones for you:

JSM gets an artificial intelligence based Virtual Assistant!

Probably the most exciting news regarding Jira Service Management is Atlassian's announcement that they are working with Percept.ai on a Virtual Assistant that will take the user's service experience to the next level using artificial intelligence!

The Assistant is supposed to learn based on your existing data in the system and help users reach their goal in an automated way using step-by-step instructions. 

You want to learn more about it and try it out? Register now for the Early Access Program for the Virtual Assistant:


Register now for the EAP for the JSM Virtual Assistant!


More of everything: Jira Service Management gets a power boost


Atlassian sees great potential in the field of ITSM and wants to develop JSM accordingly. These improvements and new features were announced for it:

  • Increase of assets limit to 3 million

  • Increase of agents limit to 20k

  • Data Residency for UK, France, Canada and Japan

  • Achieving multiple security certifications (HIPAA, EBA, BaFin)

  • Customer account SAML SSO for simplified login

Improved forms: Linking with assets and attachments possible!

Another much anticipated feature for JSM has finally been tackled: In the future it will be possible to link forms to assets and attachments in Insight! So it will be possible to connect your database to JSM in a sustainable and automated way - finally!


Quickstart for your ITSM experience

One of Atlassian's biggest aims is to bring all teams in a company together and to encourage collaboration on a central platform. That is why there will be a large number of service desk templates in the future that are primarily aimed at business teams and cover their use cases simply and easily. Whether it's marketing, HR or finance: templates for creating a service desk that are tailored precisely to these teams will make it much easier to get started with Jira Service Management in the future.

In addition, an improved interface for creating your own templates with easy-to-use building blocks was also announced.


Other features announced:
  • Deeper integration of JSM with the rest of the Atlassian Tool Suite

  • Integration of GitLab and GitHub with JSM

  • New, improved Risk Summary view

  • Improvements to no code/low code form creation

  • Improved integration of JSM with Slack and Microsoft Teams

  • Enhanced calendar view for change management processes

  • Service desk home page: Now to be broken down with custom topics selected to provide even more information and context for users

  • Jira Service Management Chat is now included in the Free Plan
  • Dedicated domains for Help Center


Save now: New offers around Jira Service Management

IMG_0460Under the premise of "End BSM (Bad Service Management) Now," Atlassian wants to help companies identify their service management processes and optimization needs and address them together with Jira Service Management. To that end, they have announced the following offerings:

  • For small teams: 10 free agents for new customers in the standard plan

  • For large teams: 30% discount on the first year when taking out a 3-year subscription 

You want to fight against bad service management and take advantage of one of our offers? We will help you! Write to us without any obligation:


Schedule a non-binding consultation!


The event itself: Our impressions

Atlassian wouldn't be Atlassian if they hadn't managed to outdo themselves again this time! The event location at The O2 in London was partly in a real cinema and provided an extremely cool atmosphere. Let's let pictures do the talking instead of words at this point:

HubSpot Video


Many thanks to all of you, whom we had the pleasure to meet again or could finally see again! You made this event what it was: AWE-SOME!


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