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New: Jira Work Management Premium

To support your teams growth and foster seamless collaboration, Atlassian just introduced the new tier of Jira Work Management: Premium.

With an array of powerful features, Jira Work Management Premium empowers your teams to plan, deliver, and report on work at scale. Let's delve into the exciting features this premium tier offers, giving you the tools you need to achieve greater visibility, automation, and success.

1. Comprehensive Overviews for Enhanced Visibility

Complex cross-functional work often spans multiple projects, and keeping track of it all can be challenging. Jira Work Management Premium addresses this by providing overviews that bring together multiple projects into one place. The summary, calendar, and timeline views in overviews help team leads gain unique insights into ongoing work across the team or specific cross-functional initiatives.


Source: Atlassian

2. Embrace Automation for Efficiency and Focus

Time-consuming administrative tasks can impede productivity and stifle progress. Jira Work Management Premium streamlines your workflows with more global and multi-project automation rules. Each user gets 1,000 automation rules per month, reducing manual effort and freeing up time for teams to focus on meaningful tasks. Embrace the automation template library to quickly implement rules that suit your teams' needs, enabling greater efficiency, focus, and cost savings.

3. Unify Your Project Management with Jira

If your organization currently manages multiple project management tools, connecting cross-functional teams may be complex. Jira Work Management Premium provides a solution by allowing you to import your existing projects, creating clear connections across teams. Gain full control over your organization with Premium features like admin insights, project archiving, and unlimited storage. Moreover, you'll have the flexibility to decide when to enable new features for your teams.

Plus, with 24/7 Premium support, you can be confident that assistance is readily available whenever you need it. Sounds good, right?


4. Coming Soon: Streamline Workflows with Approvals

More exciting features are on the horizon. Soon, you'll be able to enhance your workflows by incorporating an approval step. This new capability ensures that tasks progress through a clear process based on approvals received, providing a structured and reliable approach to project management. We will keep you updated on this!



With Jira Work Management Premium, Atlassian equips your organization with a suite of tools designed to support growth, streamline operations, and foster seamless collaboration. From comprehensive overviews to powerful automation and upcoming approval workflows, this premium tier empowers your teams to achieve new levels of productivity and efficiency. 


JWM Premium is available in a free trial version. So, why not try out the new features? If you have any questions about the Premium version or Jira Work Management in general, our expert team is here for you.



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