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Work Management

A new Jira - Atlassian combines Jira Software and Jira Work Management

Currently, the Team '24 event is taking place in Las Vegas, and Atlassian has made several exciting announcements. One of these is the merger of Jira...

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This is what your intranet should look like in 2024 - 7 tips for the perfect social intranet

The (Social) Intranet is the heart of internal communication and is increasingly replacing email as an internal communication tool in many companies....

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Are you constantly being asked for logos and more? Easily share marketing materials with your entire company

How a Brand Style guide in Confluence keeps your logo at your fingertips "Where can I find our logo?" "What color codes do we use?" "Where are our...

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Jira & Confluence: Unbeatable duo for project management & team collaboration

Jira and Confluence are already powerful tools on their own, but when used together, they take your daily work to the next level. They are...

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Top 5 Tips for a Smooth Jira Rollout

Are you planning to implement Jira as a project management tool in your company? When introducing new software into your business, there are some...

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Optimized views & colorful categories in Jira Work Management + App Update

New month, new features. Even though the end of the year is gradually approaching, that doesn't mean Atlassian has stopped working to equip Jira Work...

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Jira Work Management & Jira Software: Differences and how to combine them

Did you know that over 43,000 Atlassian customers serve as a testament to utilizing Jira Service Management and Jira Software collectively to connect...

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New: Jira Work Management Premium

To support your teams growth and foster seamless collaboration, Atlassian just introduced the new tier of Jira Work Management: Premium. With an...

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Confluence News - Whiteboards, Artificial Intelligence and more

Atlassian Team'23 - the digital collaboration event - is over. There were a lot of product announcements from Atlassian, both on-site and online....

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Atlassian Whiteboards for Confluence: Boost your creative Workflows

Effective teamwork and high productivity are in spotlight in the digital age. The growing popularity of remote working has greatly increased the...

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