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JSM Wrap-up August - Atlassians virtual agent, User security & more

Exploring the latest enhancements in Jira Service Management

August proved to be a bustling yet productive month for Atlassian, particularly on the Jira Service Management front. In this blog post, we'll delve into the key changes and updates that occurred last month. Additionally, we'll compile all the updates for your convenience, providing a comprehensive overview on a single page.

So, let’s first have a look at the major changes, shall we?


Use templates to create virtual agent intents in Jira Service Management

You may have already heard about Atlassian's virtual agent, which is currently in its Early Access Program (EAP). We're eagerly anticipating the potential it holds.

Intents are the way that your virtual agent understands your customers. Each intent corresponds to a specific problem, question, or request that your virtual agent can assist customers with.

Often, creating intents from scratch can be a time-consuming task, especially when there are numerous intents to handle. With this new feature, you can jumpstart your intent creation process by using templates. You even have the flexibility to customize these templates to suit your requirements.

Intents are the way that your virtual agent understands your customers.


Test external user security before you roll it out

In June 2023, Atlassian introduced external user security, empowering you to apply security controls to users who collaborate with your company but are not managed within your Atlassian organization.

Now, Atlassian has added a valuable testing feature to external user security. This enables you to assess the effectiveness of your external user security settings before fully implementing the policy for all your external users.

Key capabilities of the test policy include:

  • Creating a single test policy
  • Adding up to 5 external users to the test policy

This feature provides a safe and efficient way to ensure your external user security aligns with compliance and security requirements. Don't hesitate to explore it and reach out to us if you encounter any challenges during the process.

Testing external user security in JSM


Streamlined product access and licensing for users assigned the customer role

With the newly streamlined sign-up experience, you can now designate the customer role as the default role in Jira Service Management for individuals arriving from approved domains. Approved domains can encompass your company's email domain or those of your customers.

This enhancement allows you to:

  • Provide your portal link to users, enabling them to sign up for your portal
  • Extend the customer role with other roles, which may be licensed for additional products
  • Ensure that users receive separate access privileges for different products simultaneously

User access settings in JSM


What’s more?!

For these and more changes, read the Atlassian Cloud changes log below to see the full change log!