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Ob Software-Team, Service-Team oder Business-Team: Mit unseren Lösungen in den Bereichen Wissensmanagement, Projektmanagement, Aufgabenmanagement, Agile at Scale und vielen mehr treiben wir die digitale Transformation Deines Unternehmens voran!

Die passenden Tools für Deine digitale Transformation

Egal ob Du nach einem Tool für Projektmanagement oder nach einem neuen Dokumentationssystem suchst: Wir haben genau das richtige für Dich.

Wer wir sind und was genau wir machen

Erfahre mehr über venITure: Wer wir sind, was wir machen und wie wir Dir helfen können die digitale Transformation in Deinem Unternehmen voranzutreiben.

Werde ein Teil unseres Teams!

Wir suchen begeisterte Kolleginnen und Kollegen, die sich leidenschaftlich für ihr Fachgebiet engagieren. Entwickle gemeinsam mit uns neue Lösungen, um die digitale Transformation voranzutreiben und die Welt ein wenig besser zu machen.

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The integrated knowledge base in Jira Service Management

knowledgebaseAtlassian announces the integration of a native knowledge base into Jira Service Management. The knowledge base is operated by Confluence and offers to view, create and edit e.g. tutorials, FAQs and support questions directly in Jira Service Management.

The beneficial aspect is that the user does not need to purchase an extra license for Confluence due to the integration and therefore there are no additional costs!

An additional Confluence license only needs to be purchased if the customer requirements go beyond the knowledge management functions.

Atlassian customers or project administrators can simply add Confluence manually to the site and set up the knowledge base.


Integration advantages

  • Customers do not need to make requests but can help themselves by accessing documents in the integrated knowledge base.
  • Users can share knowledge within the tools in a simplified way across products
  • Users can resolve queries faster because content can be shared or referenced directly.
  • Agents are more motivated to share content and knowledge, which can be reused both internally and externally.
  • Formulated and standardized answers to customer questions can be provided and potential misunderstandings due to different answers from different sources can be avoided.


When and for whom will the knowledge base be deployed in Jira Service Management Cloud?

Starting Feb. 22, 2022, both existing and all new JSM Cloud customers will have access to the knowledge base.

Existing Jira Service Management and Confluence customers will have access starting from now.

Starting Jan. 24, 2022, existing Jira Service Management customers without Confluence will have access with monthly billed sites.

Starting Feb. 10, 2022, existing Jira Service Management customers without Confluence will have access with sites billed annually.

If you have any questions or need more detailed information about the change, please don't hesitate to contact us and speak with one of our experts.


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Price update for Data Center and Server, as well as End of Sale for New Server Apps

To further accelerate the journey to cloud, Atlassian has announced a price increase for Jira Software and Confluence Data Center and Server products

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