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ESM with Atlassian for all Teams

Enterprise Service Management - also known as ESM - is the extension of IT Service Management (ITSM) principles to enable better service delivery for business units such as Human Resources (HR), Legal, Facilities, Marketing and Finance. ITSM is how IT teams manage the end-to-end delivery of IT services to customers. Building a service desk that can be used by all teams in the organization is an example of ESM. ESM builds on IT workflows to help them better manage service demand and delivery with a service management tool.




More than just another Service Desk

Other departments, such as Human Resources and Facilities Management, provide internal "services" but have never applied the structure and framework of ITSM. ESM emerged from the ITSM field and was primarily coined by the leading analyst firm Forrester.

Our customers use Jira Service Management frequently and with great success for departments like marketing, finance, and sales. More than 100 teams at Twitter, including HR, procurement, and building services, use Jira Service Management to deliver services such as employee onboarding and building services troubleshooting.



Instead of ITSM or ESM, it's now ITSM with ESM. An ITSM implementation helps organizations build on and extend their past success to unify all teams, standardize service and streamline workflows. ESM picks the best of existing ITSM principles that IT teams have relied on for years. ITSM helps IT teams improve performance, effectiveness and responsiveness, and measuring all of that is what ITSM does well. It's not just about blindly copying. It's about intentionally applying ITSM principles to meet the unique business needs of each department.


How ESM helps you with digital transformation

Clarifying services and improvements

In a large organization, there is little visibility into what the HR team does on a day-to-day basis for the rest of the organization. It's not always obvious, but all teams provide a range of services that are typically accessed indiscriminately. HR teams are paged on Slack to get payroll information, building teams are emailed about urgent repairs, and IT teams are visited in the office to ask about replacing laptops. ESM helps organizations articulate their services and deliver them consistently through a unified portal that is accessible 24/7.

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Breaks through internal silos

When hiring a new employee, the HR and IT departments must work closely together and perform a multitude of steps that are often manual and can therefore be very error-prone. With ESM, a consistent workflow is defined that introduces the new employee to the system. Then facilities are notified that a new workstation is needed, and the IT department organizes a new laptop and access. Because all steps are automated, a consistent sequence is followed, ensuring that no one drops the ball.


automationsUtilize automation to increase efficiency

Onboarding automation is not the only area that can be accelerated. When all teams map out their deliverables in a "digital catalog," processes are identified. IT teams can automate access to software systems or replacement of faulty equipment while simultaneously tracking and logging everything.




Simplify control and management

Tracked items can also be measured. By defining services for all teams, work can be centralized and streamlined. For example ID cards can be risky for an organization. When requests are made through a service management tool, facility teams can view and track outstanding badges at the end of each month. Before that, badges may never come back from contractors.



User-friendly and accessible services

There is no point in offering something that is not usable or accessible. That's why Atlassian Cloud focuses on providing the best UI/UX experience with its modern interface. With templates for each use case, teams can easily set up service desks that meet their unique needs. Customize forms to gather the information they need to take action without going back and forth.



Why ESM with The Atlassian Cloud & venITure is right for you

The combination of Atlassian tools and venITure's expertise as an Atlassian Enterprise and Platinum Partner forms the ideal basis for the implementation of your ESM requirements and their integration and migration into your existing system infrastructure. We always guarantee reliable results at low operating costs. The use of Atlassian products is scalable at any time and can thus lead to an increase in performance across departments.

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