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Property management with Jira Service Management


Building and property management is a complex matter involving many different tasks and processes, from building maintenance and technology to lease administration and billing. The traditional approach to real estate management often involves paper-based processes and a very slow response time to problems and requests.


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However, with Jira Service Management, property management can be transformed into an agile and service-oriented process management. Jira Service Management provides a flexible platform for managing property management tasks and asset management. In doing so, the platform can be used for both internal property managers and external service providers.

What are the benefits of property management using Jira Service Management? We have explained these for you below:

1 Orientation towards customer needs

2 Agile processes

3 Automation and digitization

4 Data analysis and reporting




1. Orientation towards customer needs

Bildschirmfoto 2023-06-06 um 10.50.07Customer orientation is an important part of service management. An important function of Jira Service Management is to design and deliver services in a customer-centric way. Jira Service Management enables quick and easy management of customer requests by providing a single point of contact for all service requests. This ensures quick processing of requests and effective communication between the property manager, tenants and service providers.


2. Agile processes

Jira Service Management supports the use of agile processes to respond faster and more flexibly to new requirements. This means that processes can be continuously monitored and optimized to achieve greater efficiency and productivity.


3. Automation and digitalization

Bildschirmfoto 2023-06-06 um 10.50.25In the real estate industry, there is often a lot of paperwork and manual processes. Digital automation can help make processes faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective. With Jira Service Management, property managers can create automated workflows for various tasks, such as scheduling repair or maintenance work. Automation can save costs and improve the quality of work.



4. Data analysis and reporting

With Jira Service Management, property managers have full control over all housing and asset management processes at all times. They can respond quickly to trends and issues by generating real-time data analytics and reports. This enables better process optimization and effective use of resources.

Property managers thus have the ability to make housing and asset management agile and service-oriented. The platform provides a flexible solution for managing property management tasks and asset management processes that can respond quickly to customer requests and enable workflow automation. In addition, the platform is easy to integrate and can be seamlessly incorporated into everyday work.



That sounds interesting? Try Jira Service Management now and bring agility to your real estate management!


Price and duration

The property management with Jira Service Management can be ready for you within 4 weeks. After the one-time introduction through our ITSM Starter Package for 7.900€ you only pay the annual license costs of from 47€ per month per user. 

If you already have systems in use and would like to talk more about an import or further requirements in your team, we look forward to hearing from you!


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