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Optimized views & colorful categories in Jira Work Management + App Update

New month, new features. Even though the end of the year is gradually approaching, that doesn't mean Atlassian has stopped working to equip Jira Work Management with new, improved features. We'll take a closer look at these in this blog post.


Optimized Views

The ability to switch between different views (e.g., board view and calendar view) in JWM has always been practical. Since the latest update, your set filters, sorting, etc., remain preserved when switching between views - even if you switch to another project in between. You'll find your settings when you return just as you left them. This makes working with multiple projects at the same time clearer and more efficient.

In general, the view settings have been optimized. Improvements in filters, grouping, sorting, and column layouts allow a more precise control of your project view.


More Colors

Another update is the introduction of colorful categories. You can now choose from a large color palette for your categories. This provides a better overview within the project and makes understanding task distribution at a glance easier.



App Update

Do you commute to work by bus and train? Use this time on your way to the office to plan your day - simply on your smartphone. This is now possible with the latest improvements in the Jira app. The newly designed Issues tab and the calendar view are already available for iOS, with the Android version coming soon.

Jira App Kalenderansicht


Coming Soon: Approvals

Another exciting feature being introduced in Jira Work Management Premium in the coming weeks is the approval function. This feature allows you to incorporate approval steps into key workflows so that stakeholders can give their approval before tasks are moved forward. This feature improves transparency and collaboration between teams and ensures a controlled advancement of tasks.

The latest updates in Jira Work Management have been specially developed to address the specific needs and requirements of customers. These improvements aim to optimize the user experience and make working in Jira even more.

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