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User and Group Management with Jira Service Management

We're making your service desk even better! Easily manage users and groups within your Jira Service Management Project. Introducing our brand new Jira Service Management solution!

Our new Service Desk provides a centralized platform for managing user groups and streamlining your user management workflows, all while ensuring that only the necessary users receive full Atlassian Admin permissions. With powerful features such as group creation and modification, and group ownership assignment, our Service Desk is the ideal solution for anyone looking to delegate automatic control to specific users.


A standout feature of this JSM project is its ability to raise a ticket to initiate user management actions. This function brings added convenience and efficiency to the overall user management process.

By simply raising a ticket, users can:

:plus: create new groups,

:open_file_folder: add members to existing groups,

:minus: remove members from groups,

:page_facing_up: and even list the members within a group.


User management overview
1 Jira Service Management: Overview
jsm user management add user group
2 Add users to a group
jsm user management remove users from group
3 Remove users from a group

With this streamlined approach, complex manual processes become a thing of the past, ensuring user management tasks are completed efficiently and with precision. The automation rules play a key role here, enabling every user to create a ticket within the instance and conveniently select one or more users and a group. Once the ticket is generated, the selected users will either be added to or removed from the designated group.

No matter your level of expertise, the JSM project empowers you to take control of your Jira user management workflows. Its robust functionality, combined with its user-friendly interface, makes it the perfect solution for anyone aiming to streamline their user group management in Jira.

Let's take a closer look at the features of our new Service Desk!


User Management Access

One of the standout functionalities of our Service Desk is the user management access feature. This feature empowers users to grant access to other individuals, enabling them to manage user groups within the system. This level of flexibility and delegation of responsibilities helps streamline workflows, ensuring that everyone has the necessary access to effectively manage users.


Group Creation and Modification

Additionally, our Service Desk offers powerful group creation and modification capabilities, making it easy for users to create new groups or make changes to existing ones. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, creating and modifying groups has never been easier. Users can specify group names and set permissions, ensuring that groups are properly configured to meet their specific needs.


Group Ownership Assignment

In our Service Desk, we've implemented a useful feature that allows multiple individuals to be assigned as owners of a group. This promotes collaboration and ensures that groups are managed by a team rather than relying solely on one person. With ownership assignment, users can have peace of mind, knowing their groups are effectively managed by a dedicated team.


Replacing Custom Space User Management (CSUM)

Our Service Desk also serves as a replacement for apps like Custom Space User Management (CSUM). This way, users can now directly manage user groups within the Jira environment, eliminating the need for additional apps or plugins. This approach provides more flexibility and simplicity in handling user groups, streamlining workflows, and reducing reliance on multiple tools.

Managing user groups within a Jira instance can be a daunting task, particularly when dealing with large groups and complex workflows. This is where the Jira Service Management project comes in. Tailor-made to simplify and streamline the process of managing user groups in Jira, the JSM project is a must-have for both Jira administrators and users.

Whether you're a Jira power user aiming to boost productivity or an administrator overseeing a vast user base, the JSM project is the ultimate tool to elevate your Jira user management workflows. Thanks to its intuitive interface and comprehensive functionalities, the JSM project empowers you to effortlessly manage user groups, saving valuable time and effort while enhancing your overall Jira experience. Say goodbye to cumbersome user management processes and embrace the simplicity and efficiency of the JSM project.



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If you're seeking a simple and efficient solution for managing your user groups, look no further than our Service Desk with JSM. Boasting powerful functionality and a user-friendly interface, our Service Desk is the ultimate tool to streamline your user management workflows. So why wait? Take the plunge and try our Service Desk today to elevate your user management workflows to a whole new level!

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