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New! A Game Changer for Jira Service Management Assets and Forms

Atlassian, a leading provider of collaboration and project management software, recently released a new update to their Jira Service Management (JSM) tool, adding Labels, Affected Services, and Assets object/s to the JSM forms. This release represents a significant step forward in the evolution of ITSM, providing users with powerful new tools to improve specific processes and enhance the quality of information received.



One of the key features of the recent release is the Assets object/s field in forms, which gives organizations the ability to track and manage physical assets such as laptops, keyboards, and other equipment. With this new functionality, organizations can streamline the process of tracking assets, and ensure that all relevant information is captured and recorded in a centralized repository. This can help improve inventory management, reduce the risk of lost or stolen assets, and increase accountability and transparency across the organization.



When can I get this feature?

The rollout of the new Assets object/s field began on January 3, 2023 and was completed on January 20, 2023. During this period, organizations were able to familiarize themselves with the new functionality and start using it to manage their assets. The rollout was completed smoothly and without any significant disruptions, and organizations were able to start reaping the benefits of the new functionality immediately.


Are there any limitations?

It is important to note that if an Assets object/s field is configured with the Filter Issue Scope, and it references a field that is in the request type but not in the form, searching the field may not work. All fields must be inside the form for it to work correctly on the Portal Create page.

Users who don't have access to an object schema are not able to configure conditional sections in the Form Builder.

If the field is required, the user will be notified they cannot fill in the form and must log in. And If the field is optional, a tooltip will tell them the field is disabled and should log in.


What's next?

In conclusion, the recent release of Asset fields in forms from Atlassian's Jira Service Management and Asset Management tools represents a major step forward in the evolution of ITSM. With the addition of Labels, Affected Services, and Assets object/s to JSM forms, organizations now have the tools they need to improve specific processes and the quality of the information received. Whether you're a large enterprise or a small business, Atlassian's JSM tool provides a comprehensive solution for ITSM and is definitely worth considering for your organization's needs. Stay tuned for more JSM news!


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