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This is what your intranet should look like in 2024 - 7 tips for the perfect social intranet

The (Social) Intranet is the heart of internal communication and is increasingly replacing email as an internal communication tool in many companies....

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Using Confluence like a Pro: Time-saving Shortcuts!

In Confluence, there are plenty of useful shortcuts that many users are not even aware of. They can help streamline your workflows and save you time...

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Are you constantly being asked for logos and more? Easily share marketing materials with your entire company

How a Brand Style guide in Confluence keeps your logo at your fingertips "Where can I find our logo?" "What color codes do we use?" "Where are our...

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Confluence Databases: How to Use the New Feature

One of the most exciting developments from the world of Atlassian is the introduction of Confluence Databases. This new feature, currently available...

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Why you should clean up your Jira and Confluence Instance - your Checklist

Jira and Confluence boast exceptional organizational and collaborative features. However, like many other tools, they can get a bit chaotic after...

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Atlassian Intelligence

Meet your new virtual teammate: Atlassian Intelligence

Atlassian released the first features of Atlassian Intelligence (AI) in December 2023. Since mid-December, many of the AI features are no longer just...

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Jira & Confluence: Unbeatable duo for project management & team collaboration

Jira and Confluence are already powerful tools on their own, but when used together, they take your daily work to the next level. They are...

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Centralized User Billing in the Atlassian Cloud

Efficiently organizing thousands of users can be a real challenge for IT administrators. Keeping track of them across multiple Atlassian products can...

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Confluence News - Whiteboards, Artificial Intelligence and more

Atlassian Team'23 - the digital collaboration event - is over. There were a lot of product announcements from Atlassian, both on-site and online....

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Atlassian Whiteboards for Confluence: Boost your creative Workflows

Effective teamwork and high productivity are in spotlight in the digital age. The growing popularity of remote working has greatly increased the...

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