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Jira naming conventions

Order is Key: Applying Naming Conventions in Jira

Let’s be honest, are you more of a chaos creator or an organiser in Jira? Clear naming conventions and rules are essential for better oversight and...

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Agile gone wild – How to conquer the agile chaos with Atlassian

Despite intense efforts, many companies, especially large organizations, fail in their agile transformation. Why is that? The reasons vary: lack of...

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digital transformation

How Atlassian Tools can boost your Digitalization Index

Where does Germany really stand in terms of digital progress? The Digitalization Index shows that digital transformation is still uncharted territory...

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Mastering Large Projects with Atlassian Tools: Best Practices

What do Audi, UNICEF, Capgemini, and veniture have in Common? You might have guessed it already – we are all masters of Atlassian tools. In this blog...

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project management

Digital Project Management: Buzzword or Real Help?

Digital task management promises to simplify everything, but does it truly deliver on this promise? Unlike the disarray of paperwork cluttering your...

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