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project management

Digital Project Management: Buzzword or Real Help?

Digital task management promises to simplify everything, but does it truly deliver on this promise? Unlike the disarray of paperwork...

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An Unfair Comparison? Jira Service Management vs. Ivanti

Do we really need to draw a comparison between Jira Service Management and Ivanti Service Management? Well, we at veniture might be a bit too deep...

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What are Service Level Agreements (SLAs)? Challenges & Best-Practices

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are an essential part of every service relationship. They define the expectations a customer has of the service and...

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Jira Service Management vs. ServiceNow: Our Comparison

IT service management tools have become instrumental in managing service tickets, customer requests, and various other technological requirements....

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Unifying IT Operations: Opsgenie Features Now Integrated in Jira Service Management

Forget about constantly switching between different tools for alert management and issue resolution. Atlassian has taken a significant leap forward...

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Atlassian x optic

Atlassian acquires Optic - New standard in API Management

We've got some exciting news to share: Atlassian has recently acquired Optic, an innovative tool for API documentation and management. As an...

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A new Jira - Atlassian combines Jira Software and Jira Work Management

Currently, the Team '24 event is taking place in Las Vegas, and Atlassian has made several exciting announcements. One of these is the merger of Jira...

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This is what your intranet should look like in 2024 - 7 tips for the perfect social intranet

The (Social) Intranet is the heart of internal communication and is increasingly replacing email as an internal communication tool in many companies....

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Using Confluence like a Pro: Time-saving Shortcuts!

In Confluence, there are plenty of useful shortcuts that many users are not even aware of. They can help streamline your workflows and save you time...

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Are you constantly being asked for logos and more? Easily share marketing materials with your entire company

How a Brand Style guide in Confluence keeps your logo at your fingertips "Where can I find our logo?" "What color codes do we use?" "Where are our...

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